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Yes, the domain you checked is for sale.

What can you do with a domain without site?
Get your domain name, make it forward to your page (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin), print it the domain on your card, and that is it! From now on, you got an address represent from you. You can change the domain forwarding as you wish, and people can reach you by the domain still, that is cool!
(As you can see, the name you checked is forward to this page.)

Where is your e-mail going?
Whenever you got your domain, you can get e-mail service form it.
For example, if you got AMyName.com, you can make you@amyname.com forward to Gmail, Outlook or iCloud, and also make he@amyname.com we@amyname.com forward to their own address, just create it as many as you wish.
Please notice that domain or e-mail forward service is provided from domain registrars, it may not for free, we suggest the NameSilo.com to be your domain registrar, it provides forwarding for free.
(We will help you setup the forward settings if you need.)

Why dot com?
Dot com is always the first choice of people and businesses, it can be ignored, not need to remember the type of your domain to reach your page, but domains with dot com remain few, and gonna be rare in the future, so it a good domain would cost much, and can be an asset in this age, if your name dot com is still available, just don't hesitate to get it, and never drop it!
(Wow! You own a dot com?)

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We can adjust procedures to fit your need.
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